Priscilla Nuñez Williams

Owner & Doula

About Priscilla

Priscilla Nuñez Williams, owner and founder of Storks & Forks, has worked with women and children since 2008. Her passion as a doula is helping new mothers get back to themselves after they give birth, and she sees this as a two-fold process involving both care for the mother and for the infant.

Priscilla has a big family, and has watched countless mothers work to recover from childbirth. She also brings her clinical background as a therapist to the emotional support aspects of her work as a doula, and has a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. Priscilla is bilingual, and fluent in both English and Spanish.

Fun Facts about Priscilla
  • Celebrity crush: Stephen Colbert
  • Favorite French word: “pamplemousse”
  • Favorite show: Game of Thrones #TeamDaenerys 
  • Favorite Crayola color: cerulean
  • I am one of 3 daughters and I have 3 nieces. My father has the patience of an angel.
  • I love spending time with my Boxer rescue pup Leila, and sometimes I even invite my husband!
  • I am definitely a right brain person! I love to draw, paint, and get creative in my free time.
  • “I became a doula because I have always loved being around babies. My original plan was to become a NICU nurse. When that didn’t work out, I fell into the doula world and it was love at first birth! I knew this was my calling/passion and decided to finally take the leap and start my own business.”

Sandra Meister MS, RD, LDN

Affiliated Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, and Power Pilates Mat Instructor

About Sandra

Sandra Meister, MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Power Pilates Mat Instructor who has been working with moms and babies since 2009, including moms of multiples and preemies. Sandra has dedicated her career to teaching thousands to rethink their diet and shift from tedious calorie counting to a simple, sustainable approach to eating.

Sandra first became interested in Pilates while studying dance at Cottey College, a women’s liberal arts institution. Sandra noticed that with consistent practice, Pilates helped alleviate her chronic back pain, lengthen her core, and improve her overall posture. Her special areas of interest include infant feeding, diabetes prevention, food allergies and sensitivities, and postpartum weight loss. 

Fun Facts about Sandra
  • Celebrity crush: Lester Holt
  • Favorite food: Pad Thai
  • Least favorite food: Jello
  • Guilty pleasure: binging on “The Office”
  • She grew up 20 minutes from the Ice Cream Capital of the World.
  • She danced in a hip hop troupe at college (Western Illinois University).
  • She hikes with her 89 year old grandmother, Phyllis, in Arizona every winter.
  • “I became a Registered Dietitian to fuel my love for dance! I gained the Freshman Fifteen the first semester of college despite taking 8 dance classes per week and realized I had to make a change if I wanted to improve my skills. My body changed with consistent healthy eating and exercise and I realized I wanted to major in Kinesiology and Dietetics so I could help others enjoy a healthy life like I was living.”